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Life is a journey and the journey itself is home!

At ORPS Realty Property Management, we're dedicated to helping homeowners minimize costs, maximize income, and protect their investments. Our comprehensive professional property management services are guided by the values of Aloha, where clients, tenants, and associates become cherished members of our extended Ohana, our family. With unwavering integrity and care for our community, we approach each endeavor with a mindset of togetherness, fostering long-term relationships, and achieving shared success.

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The Performance of Your Property Is Our Business

In the radiant spirit of Aloha, our approach at ORPS Realty is infused with simplicity and the pursuit of excellence. We offer a seamless journey, where we deliver top-tier property management services, starting from tenant screening, leasing, to meticulous maintenance. Whether you're a passionate investor holding a portfolio of multiple rental properties or an individual unit, our commitment is to craft the perfect solution, setting you on the path to unparalleled success.


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At ORPS Realty, our dedication lies in empowering you with knowledge. We offer a robust and secure online platform, ensuring you stay well-informed about property happenings, leasing progress, meticulous maintenance, available vacancies, thorough inspections, and detailed financial reports. Our commitment is to keep you inspired and informed every step of the way.

Marketing and Advertising:

Our unwavering commitment centers around achieving exceptional occupancy rates while minimizing any potential vacancies at your property. The investment in professional property management is effortlessly balanced by the reduction in vacant periods, making every dollar count. We employ strategic advertising on high-traffic platforms and employ compelling marketing techniques to ensure your property is consistently in the spotlight. Before embarking on this journey, we diligently analyze your property's condition, the neighborhood, its unique location, and the current rental landscape. This comprehensive assessment allows us to establish a competitive rental rate, ensuring that your property remains in high demand while attracting the highest caliber of tenants. Our ultimate goal is to optimize occupancy, guaranteeing a seamless, prosperous, and inspiring leasing experience.


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